Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My life described in two words: Organized Chaos

"So many things, yet so little time... "

This phrase becomes more prevalent the older I get. Life is SO chaotic and it SO needs to be organized! I think its about time to put my thoughts into writing again (hopefully freeing up some space in this old brain of mine before I reach OVERLOAD)!

So........I'm back!  I haven't "blogged" in ages... well 6 years (or so) to be exact!  In fact, when I "blogged," I didn't know the existence of such a thing as a "blog site."  I had compiled my thoughts and happenings on my WEB PAGE I created on Tripod.  (Anyone remember Tripod?!)  In essence, they are the same, just the terminology has changed.  So, I now have a BLOG and not a WEB PAGE!!  (hehehe)
Back to business... the need of a blog. I never thought NOT working would be so chaotic!  I've picked up several hobbies and have found numerous ways to spend my time.  Which, is exactly my current issue: so many things, yet so little time! It's time to organize these chaotic thoughts!! 

Topics I'm sure to eventually discuss (and probably MUCH more): Couponing, Thriftiness, Gardening, Crafting, Organization, Housework, Menu Planning, Cooking, Baking, Decorating, Budgets, Giving, Travelling, Music, Party Planning, Games, Photography, Marriage, Blessings, The Bible, My Friends, My Family & My Faith!

Enjoy this Modest Medley...

Food for thought: Lamentations 3:22-24